Ford Tibbe Pick

Using the Ford Tibbe Pick

This is the Goso pick for Ford Tibbe locks. This one has had a lot of use. It’s missing 5 of the little screw in tabs, but still works fine. I made a quick video of this lock in action unlocking an Australia Ford Falcon. These picks are so easy to use, I could do it with one hand, while holding the phone to record it in the other hand.

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Ford Tibbe Pick

What you need to know to pick these locks.

These Tibbe locks have 6 rotating discs. The cut out slots in each disc all have to line up with a sidebar. When they line up, the sidebar drops in and the lock barrel turns. The discs have false gates too! This makes it so much harder to pick these locks… Joke!! nah, dont worry, they are easy to pick!

Tibbe locks are handed. They are either a right or left hand lock. In a Ford Falcon, the drivers side door lock picks to the left to open and the ignition picks to the right. Any key will lock the door lock, even a blank key, or just turning the lock pick, and it will lock. But of course you need the key to unlock the car.

Ford Tibbe Key for Ford Falcon AU3
Ford Tibbe Key

Tibbe keys are cut on angles. They are cut on all four sides of the key. They have 4 different angles. A no cut is a no.1 cut. The deepest cut is a no.4 cut, and there are 2 cuts inbetween.

Tibbe Pick rotating discs
Tibbe Pick rotating discs

A no.1 cut does not really move much at all. The no.1 cuts are used to turn the barrel. There are usually 2 no.1 discs in each tibbe lock. When you insert the lock pick into a lock, the no.1 discs do not turn. So they are easy to identify from the start. They are just used for turning pressure.

To pick these locks, you just add a little pressure, then you can use a slight pressure on each disc, until they all feel stuck. If the lock doesnt turn, just turn each disc back and fourth slightly, until it feels like it is in the correct position. The false gates are easy to detect but if you are not sure if you are on a false gate, just try each combination. There will not be too many to try!

These picks are so easy to use, you can open a car with one hand and video it with the other.   Just a demo of how to use these picks.

Just a warning about picking the ignition locks. These cars have a Steering Lock actuator at the front of the lock. It makes it very easy for a key or pick to slide into the lock, but can be hard to remove. The key or pick has to be very smooth, or straight to pull out of the ignition. Be very gentle with pulling the pick out. Dont force it.

Happy Picking!!

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