modified electric pick gun


I have had this pick gun for a few years now. I think it was a Dino brand? It is the one that looks like an electric screw driver. It came with a circuit board that controlled the current and charging of the li-ion battery and even a little LED Light under the front. There are lots of these electric pick guns on the market, but they are all unsuitable for the task.

Well, it was really pathetic!!! The Li-Ion battery lasted for about 30 seconds and it was very underpowered.

So I gave it an upgrade 🙂 You can see in the video that it now sounds like a wasp. No more power problems.

To upgrade it I got rid of the built in Li-Ion Battery. The battery was never going to deliver the power I needed this monster to have. Nothing with enough power was going to fit inside the handle of the tool so I just did away with the battery altogether and run some wires out to an external battery. I first tried a lantern battery as the 6 volts was almost double the voltage rating for the motor. But it had issues! Still underpowered and it ran flat too fast!

The circuit board I rewired to do away with the charging circuit. Had to put heavier wires as the original ones burnt out. Yeah, fire in your pick gun is not a good look!!

Then I started using an 18volt Li-ion drill battery. The drill battery delivers the power it needs.

I did away with the circuit board all together and added a better switch. At the moment it still has the forward/reverse switch, but that is not needed any more and I should just wire it straight from the main switch to the motor.


There are some problems with this gun. Mainly that it is using an 18volt battery and the motor is rated at 6 volts. The wire I am using to connect to the battery is too thin. It should be a much heavier gauge. So if I kept my finger on the switch for too long it would probably just melt and burn. The motor definitely would not hold up too long I don’t think. So don’t do this at home kids!! It’s dangerous!!

It works for me because it is only on for a very short time. Very short bursts. If you keep your finger on the switch then, its all over red rover.

So you are going to ask “Why do you want a pick gun that vibrates at such a high pitch?” Answer is easy. It picks anything!! and it does it very fast!! The higher the pitch the more the top and bottoms separate … very simple. Very effective!

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