My Pick Gun


Picking a couple of Oval Cylinders with a pick gun.

Hey, this is just to show my favorite pick gun. It’s a Lockaid brand pickgun I have had for a couple of years. They come with a lifetime warranty which is good, but I think I would just buy a new one if this one broke.

There’s not much to using a pick gun. The amount of tension with the turny knob at the back of the gun I always try to keep to a minimum. I keep it just off the ‘no tension point’. It always works this way and with only a little tension it puts less stress on the gun.

These are oval cylinders made to suit Lockwood mortice locks in Australia. The key is a LW5 6 pin key. These are copies of the Lockwood cylinders with no brand name on them. I don’t have any keys for these locks, so I dont know what the pinning is or anything.

Lock picked Oval Cylinder with Pick Gun
Oval Cylinder Lock Picked

The tension I use on the tension tool to pick them is just slight. I actually bounce the tension tool a bit when I am using the gun on these cylinders. They are all mostly fairly easy to pick open.

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