L and F Security Screen picked


L & F Security Screen Door lock picked


Lets start with something really simple.  This is a cylinder from an Australian security screen door lock.  It is one of the most basic locks to pick open.  Really don’t know why they call them a security door?

This cylinder is made by L & F.  They are an Australian lock manufacturer.

LnF 9

The Key blank for this lock is a Silca LF37 double sided key.  The key is double sided, but the lock is a single sided wafer lock.

Key Blank Silca LF37
Silca LF37

The key has a code on it as you can see in the picture. 7031 So you could go to a locksmith and get this key cut to code.

LnF 10

LnF 8

Picking this lock is a very simple and straight forward process.  I am using a standard rake pick to pick this lock.

First I put the pick into the lock and feel which side of the lock the wafers are on.  It is only single sided, so it is easy to see.

LnF 7I am using the tension wrench in the opposite side from which the wafers are on.  This is just to give me more room to run the pick in to the lock.

Slight tension is all that is needed to pick this lock open.  It is not very critical as this lock opens so easy.

LnF 5

Just a rake in and out of the wafers and the lock opens.  It is so very easy to pick this lock.


LnF 4

Lets have a look at the lock!!

To remove the lock barrel i use the lock pick to depress a retaining wafer at the back of the cylinder.  Just push it in and the cylinder will slide out.  With the key inserted, nothing falls out of this lock when it is disassembled.

LnF 3

The lock has 6 wafers and you can see the retaining wafer at the back of the cylinder.

Each wafer has a possible 4 depths.  So that is just over 4000 possible key combinations?

LnF 2

When the key is removed from the cylinder you can see that the wafers all stick up.  When you pick the lock they just have to be pulled down to the correct opening position.

Adding tension to the lock barrel will stick the wafers in the correct opening position as it is picked.


The housing of the lock cylinder has 2 slots top and bottom to accommodate the wafers moving up and down.

These locks are mass produced and made from die cast materials.  It is a very basic lock with low tolerances.  It is a great lock cylinder for learning to pick locks, but not much in the way of security.


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