Whitco Security Screen Picked

This is a Whitco security screen lock cylinder that is easy to pick. This one is a double sided lock. The discs are not just on one side. They are on 2 sides. These are very common and used as security in most security screen doors in Australia. Even used in some of the most expensive tripple locking doors such as crimsafe. It’s great to be able to educate people on what security they really have with these lock cylinders installed.


Ok, my method of picking these is just to rake pick them. You can use a fancy double sided pick such as a double ball or something, but there is really no need. The standard rake pick is better for most of these locks as it is thinner and gets around the warding in the lock easier. It also does not disrupt the discs on the opposite side as it is thinner.

whitsec pick at lock upside

So with this one. Just rake one side. You can usually feel it give a little when one side is picked. Then rake the other side. Go back and rake the first side if needed and continue until it is picked. These lock cylinders all open this easy. You can use quite heavy tension, they really are not very fussy about tension. Slack it off a bit if you think some of the discs are getting stuck.

The whole lock is diecast and they get grooves worn in the cylinder housing just under normal use. These grooves make them even easier to pick. Dont think anyone would have a problem with these Whitco security cylinders.

Push retaining disc to remove lock cylinder
Push retaining disc to remove lock cylinder

To remove the cylinder, there is a retaining disc. There is a hole in the back of the cylinder that allows you to depress the disc and remove the barrel.

Cylinder being removed
Cylinder being removed

The locks are quite impressive looking with their 10 discs. They have 5 discs on each side. The spacing of the discs is not even. They have 2 discs on one side, then 2 discs on the other side, etc. The keys for these locks only insert one way, but of course they are cut on both sides.

Looks hard to pick with all those discs or both sides.
10 disc double sided lock

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