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Lock picking is the art of opening a lock without a key and without doing damage to the lock. This site is devoted to showing ways to open different types of locks and doors and to keep you updated on any interesting lock and key related things I see.

I welcome anyone who wants to post here to please do!! We want to see everyone’s lock picking efforts and we are here to learn new things and old techniques. Everything lock picking related here is just for fun as lock picking is a great hobby that so many people are enjoying. We do not condone criminal activity. This is a hobby and sports site only.

Lock picking and other opening techniques take advantage of flaws in products. If a lock can be opened by a means other then the way it is designed then this information should be known to the manufacturer and the public who buy these products. Letting the public know the security vulnerabilities of a lock or lockable product helps them to make an informed choice when it comes to their security.

Lock picking is one of the most interesting sports.  It is a sport where you can challenge manufacturers of locks, to see just how secure their locks are.   It is not all about picking locks.  Hopefully we can see how each particular lock works and see what is inside it and what makes it hard or easy to pick.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in picking locks and other various opening techniques.


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